Before Status

Does your website has a structure?
Does it standout from other websites?
Does it has unique design?

With Status Group

Your website will be unique and will implement your strengths and skills you can offer to your clients. With Status Group you are able to have your own content and design which match it.

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Solid Design For Business

Design isn’t just making your website look different then others. Our main goal is to bring specific flow on your website and develop funnels to guild your clients where they should get.

Responsive Design

By developing your website we bring it to the highest quality level. Your website will be working on desktop, mobile and tables. Did you know that since 2017 Google puts more value info mobile website then desktop version?! Yes, most website has more then 50% of traffic coming from mobile.


Your website is not just information about your services anymore, it is a tool to grow your audience to share your ideas and educate your visitors. Google is a biggest search engine in the world. We will make sure that your are there.

Keyword research for your niche and industry is just a beginning of optimization of your website. Content optimization as well as off-site SEO or understanding your competition allows you to hit highest ranks in Google.

Bring your loading speed below 2s

Using the best website CMS which is WordPress allows to keep you website fast on any device however big your website is.

We use server which are dedicated specificly to host WordPress websites, it allows to keep fastest possible loading time.

Track your result

Google Analitycs allows us to track SEO and social media efforts by tracking all visitors and most importantly checking their actions like:

  • Clicks
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Bounce pages
  • and more

Google Ads can bring you to the top of Google Searches in matters of hours. Well, optimized ads campagins, with right web design and tracking tools can bring you new clients and put your budget where it shoud be.

Why Status Group?

Custom design. Mobile Friendly. Zero Compromises.

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